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It's bad enuf to have spent over 6 grand on a bike and put 3 grand in modifications only to have the thing go down on me in the first lap of a race...then try to get some advice on the net and have people make jokes about it as if it was something to laugh about.Again thanks for the helpful input.

First of all, it's a golf cart not a bike. 2nd, you are on a BIKE site. Bring in any quad related thread, and you're going to get teased. 3rd, stop whining, or at least post your address so we can send you some cheese to go along with it.


Thanks fastkevin you seem like a real tough guy behind your keyboard.

lemme haze myself suck all ass and so does your pathetic craptor with two too many wheels and your ugly and your mom is a ho and you ride around in a golf cart and you don't act like a wannabe motocrosser and have things that describe how fast you are in your profile and so on....Oh yeah this gets even better I went out in my garage to start my 426 up to make myself feel better that at least one of my toys was working...3 kicks and kaput I lost all compression and somthin is clankin in inside the clutch cover.Mind you all I did this at Budds Creek on Pro nationals day last saturday in the hare scrambles.I did the first Hare scramble on my bike for two hrs. and then jumped on my quad to do the other back to back...well the quad went on me in the first lap so i had to "lug" that beast out of two miles deep of hills and streams ugggg what a day! Now only to find out I blew up both bike in one day.Maybe it was the mud .Oh well I did get third in C (spode )class ;-).I can hear the dealer ringin the cash register now...cha ching..cha ching...keep on ridin like that spode boy.

your hurting me on the inside here man, please, stop using the clutch on your HUGE thumpers! :D The only time I used the clutch on my raptor was taking off in first gear, I didn't use it to up shift or downshift, i only let go of the gas all the way, shift, and then get back on the gas. i NEVER had any trans problems. and also on the 426, the same goes for that, you dont need the clutch on them except for takin off

Clutch use is clutch abuse. :)

Oh, and change the oil frequently, you knew that already though. :D

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Ok enough is enough

LugNut, I sent you a reply to your PM, I don’t know squat on Quads, Frankly I don’t care if you have a quad or not, unless your name is Ahmad, welcome to TT. I can’t vouch for the characters here but these guys are pretty serious and very "temper mental" when it comes to Quad questions.

My suggestion is to take it in stride

And oh ya dump the Quad :)

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Yeah what he said. Cut him some slack. We all know quads can be fun to ride, kind of like fat chicks. That is of course until your friends see you!

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good advice on the clutch...I only started riding about a year and a half ago at 31 yrs old,and I'm learning slowly that...first,I'm a total spode that uses the clutch too much..second I'm a total spode that uses the throttle to much..third ,I'm a total spode that love riding on two wheels or four as long as I'm riding,and lastly you guys are fun to talk to.By the way Bubba Stewart makes us all look stupid(Pro Nationals dialed in like a mofo).

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Originally posted by LugNut:

I can take the flaming just don't get the quad vs. bike stuff? It all seems a little childish to me .I do try my best to be cordial when communicating on the computer for the sole reason that the guy on the other end does'nt have the ability to smash me in the face if I started gettin lippy.Always are gonna be those spineless weasels that hide behind their keyboard and talk smack ,lashing out at the world that rejects them ,they usually keep their head down and their tail between their legs when having to have face to face interaction with someone in person.Hence the "virtual tough guy" Even so I do feel that I got some helpful feedback so go ahead and flame away if it makes you feel better .In closing I wish everyone well and I appreciate again all the constuctive advice.

What the!? Where did anyone flame quads? I just asked if there was a chain on the quad, just a little joke. Nothing implied at all... sorry if i offended you, but loosen up a little. Last time i checked, both quads and dirtbikes had chains. Nothing was implied though, i love anything with wheels and a motor.

And if you think that was a bad flame by a "virtual tough guy" that hides behind his keyboard, then I think you are going to get offended easily on this board. A guy in here the other day started a whole thread on flaming quads. Now THAT, is a bad thing.

As for some constructive advice... i agree with everyone else, look at the clutch for sure. Start with the cable and make sure that's adjusted properly. Then look at the clutch itself. If that isn't the culprit, then something is wrong in the tranny.

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double thread...

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I go on record here to say I was a bit sensitive yesterday due to having both my toys break on me in one day. :)

yeah that would kinda suck :)

I agree also... that would suck. My rear wheel just grenaded on my 426, so i kinda know how you feel. Good luck with everything though.

Originally posted by Bambislayer:

Yeah what he said. Cut him some slack. We all know quads can be fun to ride, kind of like fat chicks. That is of course until your friends see you!

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I have ridden some "quads" in my lifetime...have not we all!?? DOH! Did I say that???


I hate it when ya blow up all the toys at once. One weekend at glamis, I grenaded the CR500, my wifes 250atc, my buddies quadzilla and the buggy. The buggy was bad. Parts flyin all over the place. At least it was the last day. Yep, all in one day.

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