Help, I love it, but I can't start it

After much deliberation, I bought an 02 YZ426 on Sat. I loaded up on Sunday morning and headed out for some much anticipated fun, only to be frustrated much of the time trying to start a hot bike. (stalling while trailing it with standard gearing, this part I know how to fix)

Luckly, there was a kind YZ426 rider who explained his method for getting the beast started, but I still struggled. He could get my hot bike started within 3-5 kicks where I'd spend 15 minutes trying to copy his proceedure.

Someone, please detail the correct way to get these things running when hot!

When it's cold, I pull out the choke, find the compression stroke, pull the compression release and get the piston just past TDC, let the compression release out, and give it a healthy kick. 2-3 kicks later we're up and running.

When its hot, if I try the above proceedure (substituting the hot start for the choke), I'll just tire myself out.

Please help, when it's running it's an absolute blast. When I'm kicking it silly, I want to push it off a cliff!

Don't know if this will help, but I never use the hot start button when re-starting as I've found its easier to fire up a hot engine without it. Always starts first kick....

Here is what I do. And Remember this is my procedure only.

Pull in comp release

With comp release in kick over 5-6 times

Release comp release, set to TDC

use comp release to bump just past TDC

healthy kick

I rarely have to kick more than 2 times before it fires up and I am back going.

Hope this helps

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The only time I find myself having a hard time starting my 02 426 hot is when I am tired and not giving a good kick as 98yz stated.

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On the starting issue, I have found that finding top center, then using the compression release to go just a little passed , then kick DOES NOT WORK VERY WELL!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

I was at Haspen Acres in Laurel Indiana one week after buying my 02 426f, when ever I stalled it , it would take 20 kicks to start it again, until My Hero stopped on his 400f, and said hey try this... Don't worry about TDC, Pull the compression release and kick 3/4 of the way down then let go of the release, And this is to be done with one hard and Fluent KICK. It takes practice but it works for me, My frients no longer make fun of my 426f for hard starts.

And for the stalling problem in the woods , ride that clutch and twist your wrist, I tried a bigger sprocket on the back, all that did was made the bike uncontrollable it's to dang torquey for that, You need to bog the bike down if anything. The 426 is a sweet machine, it just takes time to learn to ride it to it's Potential.

can someone clarify how you do that 3/4 with the comp. in and so on? maybe i can give that a try

I have a similar problem as UsedToBeFast. Under normal conditions my '02 starts in no more than three kicks. When I stall the bike in a corner it will not start without me praying to the Moto-gods. It does eventually start, but by than the race is over. When I shut the bike down it starts up no problem hot or cold it's just when I stall it, it's a problem. Using the hot start makes no difference. I had a '99 YZ400 before this bike and never had a problem starting it. The bike runs great otherwise. Any ideas ?

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