Hot start plunger...why?


Just got through reading a post about a rider having trouble starting his new bike after stalling it. Until, yesterday, I hadn't killed the bike after a fun like gettin' dragged. Anyhow, I stalled it yesterday. And, it was not too fun re-starting.

My review of the hot start plunger in the manual says it's a fuel enrichener. What? Why not use the choke then. I figured the hot starter was for allowing more air into the carb when the bike's hot. So, what's the hot start plunger really do? More fuel or more air? And, why does Ferry's bike fire up right away? What to do, what to do?


Exact opposite--given that the engine is hot, the hot start circuit allows more air in, which leans out the mixture. Also, never give it any fuel when attempting a restart.

What he said.

I've found that I rarely use the hot start unless I really bungle it and was twisting the throttle at the same time. I also run my bike a little lean - so there is slight popping on decel.

I would guess that Ferry's bike is pretty lean in the pilot as well since that will also get the snappiest throttle response - and best hot starting!

choke makes it richer for cold starting and hot start makes it leaner for starting a hot engine.

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