WR carb tuning and gray wire

I recently bought a canadian 2003 wr450 and it was setup by a shop for Colorado altitudes. It has a FMF pipe with stock header, 170 main (stock would be 160) jet and the clip is on the 4th notch--stock setting. The airbox has not been altered. The bike currently runs rough @ midrange and I need to get it smoothed out for sea level as I'm going to Ocotillo Wells next week. Am I too fat on the main jet? What would be the right size? Do I need to modify the airbox? Also trying to find that illustrious gray wire----do the canadian bikes have that wire? If so where do I cut? Thanks

Canadian bikes should be gray wire free.

I would put in a 160 main for summer time even with the air box mod. Stock needle in clip 4 or 5. It should run pretty good. To get the midrange and 1/4 throttle to work better buy the JD jetting kit from this forum web sites store. :thumbsup:

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