USA Promotions.......Ntl' Wells Nevada-Jackpot Nv

Pretty good diverse race but by FAR the most <font color=red>DANGEROUS!!!

Nothing but complaints from EVERYONE I talked to.

Team Green is STILL on fire!

There was such a dangerous spot near the start of the race that was only about 100ft to dump into a wash and evidently Team Green was still trying to get a bike up some cliff with a Bronco and 5 guys when I was finishing 3hrs after the start!

They were PO'd.

I thought Brian Browns mech was going to strangle this Dillon guy that is the promotor/pres of USA PROMOs.

Evidently Brian was in 9th off of the start and managed to pass up to 1st place. Buzzing along down a 2track and nearly went through a fence! :)

He stopped to open it and Ty blazed around him!

He ended up passing Ty again and winning , but not without facing DEATH! :D

This was the unsafest (sp?) race I have EVER been involved with! I hope the AMA bans this idiot.

During riders meeting he BRAGGED about how well marked the course was...Thats funny I never heard it from ONE racer after the race!!!!!

The slow stuff was avg marked and the high speed stuff was HORRIBLE. I was running a 2 track road that was nice and loamy (by NV/UT stdrds) in 5th about 80mph and came up on a 3ft tall rise in the road (man made) :D that was maybe for some sort of erosion big deal except it was not marked AT ALL!!!!!! 2 miles from the finish and I nearly die because of some idiot!

Fence line after fence-line he ran us down! I don't know about you guys but running a fence line at 75 is scary but racing against a fence line is STUPID. I wrapped up my bike 2yrs ago in a fence and have never forgoten it!

Single dangers that should have been marked doubles and doubles that should hve been 3!

This just makes for a stressfull day. Not knowing whether you should hit the single pie plate in 1st or 4th????

I sure hope the big guys write the AMA and express their concerns and complaints about this DILLON character from IDAHO.......not that Idaho has anything to do with him being stupid but I just want everyone to know who i am talking about!

I heard that only 5 ppl from NV helped with puttin on the race. Dillon called the Ut guys to help at the last min because he was in a bind and hadn't even marked the course until last wkend.

So ......thx utah guys for getting the race so it was at least able to go.......but this Dillon guy HAS to GO!!!

Yzboy.........How'd ya do??

I was 18th am and still 4th in my class!

tough class this yr!

Call me or PM me and we will have to hit some trails!

I am in the tooele phone book....c green xxx 3425

TRH good race man, i could not agree more with ya about that race. I talked to a few UT members that helped put the race on and that felt bad about it. They said if they knew how he staked out the coures, they would of not helped him. I was 8th overall and first in the 30 over class, then i blew my rear tire about to 40 mile mark. Hay it was good to see ya, you have a nice wife and some cool kids. :):D

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