YZ Tanks for WR: Which ones will fit '01?

Have searched and gathered some info on swapping seat/tank combo but trying to confirm what stock YZ stuff can fit on a '01 WR426......

'98-'99 YZ400F tank/seat fits.......What about rad gaurds?

'00-'02 YZ426F tank seat fits.......Can reuse WR guards.

'01-'02 YZ250F ???....................???

'??-'?? YZ250 2 stroke ???

Looking to go down slimmer and drop capacity to near 2 gallons. Anyone have a blue tank and/or seat for sale?



I've got a 98 WR400 and put a 2002 YZ250f tank and seat from a 99 YZ400 on it. No problems, shrouds transfered fine. I think pretty much everything prior to 03 fits and swaps.

Everything prior to '03 does fit except the shrouds get a little different in between 99-01 YZ/WR. I have '00 YZ shouds on '01 WR 250F tank, shrouds take a little manipulating to fit tank holes, but it works.

Thanks.....now just gotta find a YZ tank and seat.....


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