XR650L takes DethWshBkr riding in Hawaii

Alrighty, before I get started let me just say DethWshBkr is a really great guy. He's as cool as they come and the way he spoke so highly of his wife and family, especially his Dad got him my full respect. :thumbsup::awww:;) I even learned a lot about PA. and Hershey chocolate... :mad: Keep this under your hat but it is now known some people in PA. like Nestle chocolate...Shhhhhhh and I'm not giving names! :usa:

Now on to the ride... We rounded up some gear and a DRZ400S. Puinsai_5 DWB and I headed out around 9:30 am to 6:30PM. The entire day we only rode B trails to be nice to the honeymooner and only one short A trail. The rest of the story is told with the pics...

DWB in his first Hawaiian trail. This was moments after his first little how shall we say, "incident" on a hill.


DWB's first tropical water crossing. By this point which was 1/2 hour into the ride he knew he was in for something really different and challenging. :worthy:


Scenic stuff...


DWB going up a little rut...



According to DWB PA. doesn't have little ruts like this so I rode the bike up it for him...


Here I am on my super duper lightweight XR650L... :worthy:


DWB in Bobby's



After taking a few trails as a warmup, DWB found out real quick Hawaii is everything we said it was. Beautiful and punishing. These were just the B trails too... :worthy:


Puinsai_5 does a nice slippery rock wheelie...


DWB was still adjusting to the surroundings and bike then told us he wasn't fond of hieghts. We made sure we took him here to the Cliff Hanger... :worthy:


DWB likes to keep the stabilizers out...


Quick scenic stop...


DWB coming up a juicy, sloppy, section...


DWB going thru a typical tight section...


Line selection is crucial otherwise you pay...


Hawaii dirt and mud is very very slippery. If you are not used to it you pay in energy taxes. DWB pays the tax man again...


The tax man cometh again... :busted:


Here I am again with the little wheelie...


DWB giving the "its all good" sign. He's actually saying give me more... :lol: :lol:


After lunch we took a break from the mountain trails and headed to the ocean. DWB takes off down the beach... :lol:



After awhile fooling around I was wondering where did DWB go? I found out he was digging to China... :lol:


Here I am thinking, "I guess they don't ride sand much in PA..."


Puisai_5 shows how its done. Wick it up and fly!


After cruising around the coast and sightseeing we decided to do what Emeril would do..."STEP IT UP A NOTCH!" Here I am sizing up the out of this river...


P_5 in the slippery rocks...


DWB looks at a nice cobble stone crossing... :D:lol:


P_5 gets his bike up... :lol:


DWB has never, ever, ever, had to deal with a situation like this before.


This is a nice crossing for my Big Red Feather... :lol:


Good thing this bike is nice and light! :busted:




P_5 crosses...


DWB is probably thinking, "I wish I could do this everyday!" :lol:


DWB gets ready to push and I'm positioned to document the action... :busted:


This is my shot...


DWB was whipped. I got the bike thru the hard part but made him ride the rest. He did good... :D


As soon as we came out of the river we had to climb this hill. DWB said, "We have to go up that???" :D


His first attempt had him visiting the tax man again...


After some serious battling DWB finally makes it up and he was happy about it!


More slippery rocks at 6:00pm! DWB was happy when it was over but still loved it!


All in all DWB did good for his first time in the most treachrous place to ride in the U.S.A. I respect him for being a good sport even when the terrain sometimes overwhelmed him. Hats off to DWB!!!!!!! :lol::worthy::lol:

AWWEESOOOOMMEE Pictures and the terrain is so diverse... LOVE IT! :awww:

However, Open Faced Helmets??? :lol: Nobody cares about their teeth? Jaw? :lol: Just wondering as I have some nice bonding to my front teeth due to 'open faced' helmet syndrome! :thumbsup:

But again... awesome pictures... thanks for the viewing. And most importantly the time to take out the camera, and shoot some shots! I hate that part. :lol:

Excellent report! Thanks for sharing!!!!

As usual, wonderful pics and comments. It is also nice to see the brotherhood of TT and dirtbikes in action. If you ran tours on your trail network, I bet you'd be pretty busy. That would justify a family trip to Hawaii. :thumbsup:

That's awsome!! I hope someday to ride well enough to put gas in your bike.

Shame on you Torture, you lived up to your name. Did it feel good to pluck the wings off the fly? :awww::lol:

And he was your guest so why did you take the best dual sport torque monster out there and leave him with the pathetic weak kneed marshmellow of a bike. Shame shame shame on you. :thumbsup::lol:

(just joking around DRZ guys, so cut me some slack :lol:)

Shame on you Torture, you lived up to your name. Did it feel good to pluck the wings off the fly? :awww::lol:

And he was your guest so why did you take the best dual sport torque monster out there and leave him with the pathetic weak kneed marshmellow of a bike. Shame shame shame on you. :thumbsup::lol:

(just joking around DRZ guys, so cut me some slack :lol:)

Hey, I offered a few times to trade bikes and let him ride the lighter XR650L. :lol: He's a good rider and knew the DRZ was more suited for him...

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