Has anyone heard of this product???

Looks like it belongs on the shelf next to the Tornado and the Power Now. I want to know what the action of the product is. Changing the shape of the spark on a scope is a Capasitor /resistor trick. Right about the time I see one on Carmichaels RC250 I'll pay more attention.


Dont foget my ClutchItNow Device I invented,

I garuntee at least 18 BHP at idle, Launch speed is fatser then sound


Be nice to see some pics. Hard to tell exactly what it is.


Don't know if this link will work or not... CLICK HERE.

ICAT for the ignition/spark plug


This is the Euro -site but, it is being sold out of florida...


Does that Wing speed up the airflow around the clutch arm for better cooling of the clutch cable ?


MotoGreg, thanks. This is where I originally saw this last week. I guess from the rest of the replies, no one has seen or heard of this product. A 5hp increase is hard to swallow but worth taking a look at in my book. I will wait to see what the CRF owner who is testing this device thinks. The link makes mention that Bubba Stewart is using it also.

Hmmmm. .... everything on the site references two strokes. "Can be fitted to any 2 stroke motorcycle" ... the tests show a YZ250 2 stroke. I would be a little cautious to add a product designed specifically for a 2 stroke to my 4 stroke ... just my $.02



Yes in fact I specifically designed it to reduce the air friction caused by MisscormualityMissmatch in High Pressure Ionized flatulence.

In twenty minutes of real world testing, and its Patened TAPER WING Design, we found that the resistance from the hand Lever tp the Engin case was reduced .01 %. This allows the Engine to build RPM's easier and we even saw once a 18hp increas just before starting.

Sounds to good to be true, well think again, I have connection at the CIA, I was able to get the metalurgic make up of the material found at area "Shhh" 51. The PATENTED TAPER WING is built from this space age metal.

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Cfisher185, this is a Euro ad, people who are using it are using it on 2 & 4stroke bikes here in the US. I am only interested in testing on 4strokes & will post findings as they come out. I understand the skepticism in a product like this, so I can take all the humor the rest of you want to dish out. I am only interested in the technical results of testing this product.

Ga426 -

Relax. I am one of the people testing the Power Now and we took a little criticism for it as well.

Ego -

Well damn! Why didn't you say so. I would like to help you market this product - but only to the sand pit goons. I feel that this device is far to powerful to be used on a motorcycle that will see an actual race track. Might I suggest you find a way to route the water cooling system to your device. If you can cool the area even further you might be able to get that extra .0223% reduction in resistance. I feel that this may result in a 18.34hp gain over the 18 you are currently experiencing. At least this is what my friends, girl friends hooker's dog walker told me at the bar over lunch this afternoon. :D:)


This one has been around for a while, just in different applications.

Like the Tornado, you can't generate energy without a source. If you wanted a larger hotter spark, you would have to go with a larger coil and the means to charge it.

Now you could delay the ignition curve and find some power, but only in cases where the ignition timing and mapping was not optimal for some other reason.

One of the other possibilities would be to run low grade fuel with and without the device. This would most likely cause a measurable result in post mod power.

The next product is some form of super-lube that allows you to run your engine without oil.

I’ll see ya then.


DaveJ, that product is already out.

Didn't you see the infomercials where they drained the oil out of an engine, and it just ran and ran and ran and ran........?

What about the one where the engine is frozen in a block of ice?? hehehe....

Yea, I saw it. Just part of my dry humor.

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EGO, you're the king of high pressure flatulance, so it's no wonder you designed such a great product!!


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