Does anyone know who our team is for the '02 MXdN??

What are they going to be riding? I've never really paid any attention to the MXdN, so I don't know how the manufacturers work in the field.

Does Team USA ride one bike manufacturer? or does each member of the MXdN team ride his respective brand?

I'm taking a quick guess at Carmichael, Stewart, LaRocco....any definite names though?

Wouldn't it be sweet for us to win it though?! I mean 2nd time in the US, after we pulled out last year from Sept.11, that would be sweet for us to host it and dominate it!!

[ June 17, 2002: Message edited by: DethWshBkr ]

Well, new for this year is the fact that any rider can ride any size bike. That means we don't have to field Stewart on the 125. Although this is why I think we should. He has riden that bike more than any other, so he is intimately familiar with it. Plus, he will still KILL nearly everyone out there! Carmichael on the 250(tough choice!), because he WILL kill everyone out there. And Ferry on the 426. I would have liked to say LaRocco, but he was invited once, and he turned them down! So he won't get my vote, no matter how awesome he is riding(he is riding excellently too!). Lets just hope they all stay healthy! Maniac

We will win the whole thing this year. NO DOUBT

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