Need some help with tires in Georgia, N.C. and S.C.

Hey guys.. I live down here in South Florida and use Michelin Starcross MS II's. I have been traveling up to Georgia and the Carolina's. The hard pack has been melting off my MS II's. I really like Michelin but I'm looking for the best tire in those area's. All I ride is the woods and I'm an A/B rider. I'm sure I'll get an array of oppinions but maybe I'll be able to narrow it down.

Thanks Again!! :thumbsup:

I guess nobody rides on the East coast huh?? Come on, a little input would really help.

I use the MS2 also. The MH2 is indestructable. The M12 works really well. The S12 is awesome but wears fast on the hardpack.

I currently run a M12 front and a MS2 Starcross rear. I have good wear on the MS2 & then they are reversable.... :thumbsup:

ived used the maxxis it's at durhamtown [redclay] when it was wet the front pushed a little but once it dried up the tires worked really well!-they work pretty good in sand and mudd too

Yeh, thats the place were I smoked my MS2's, Durhamtown. I noticed a lot of guys there used the Maxxis tires. I heard their front tire "Maxxis IT" is pretty slippery and their "HT's" clog up too fast if it's wet. That's the big thing that I'm worried about, hooking up in the wet clay. I was there last weekend when it rained on Monday. My S12 front was useless!!

Maybe I'll go with the Michelin Starcross Medium/Hard's, I don't know.........

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