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So I’m new to dirt bikes but my cousin has one that I ride every week and I’m learning quickly, he has a 2006 Honda CR85, and though it fits me well, I don’t believe I can get one for my price range. So here’s what I’m looking for:

-Bigger size bike, I am 5’11 and 150 pounds and I do not want a pit bike or a small bike.

-I want one that is going to be durable and not break down a lot

-My maximum price is $700, and I would like to spend closer to $500 if possible

-I am buying used so keep in mind I am not buying a new dirt bike, so it will be cheaper and I can negotiate the price some as well

-Though I don’t plan on racing or anything, I want a bike that can get some good speed, so a bike with a max speed of 40mph isn’t ideal

-I am open to any type of bike so I’m fine with a manual or semi-auto, I can use a clutch and stuff so yeah, 4 stroke is PREFERABLE if possible

Anyone have any suggestions? Right now I am looking at a 2002 Honda XR80, a 2008 Honda CRF 80, and a 2005&2011 Yamaha Tt-R125. But I think these bike will be too small for my liking.

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Hey my man, coming from past experiences you dont wanna do that enless you just get super lucky with a neighborhood seller who bought never road and wants to get rid of it it's rare tho, now I'm not sayin buy a brand new bike I now it's not in everybody's price range but look around the price range of yz85($900-$2000) low end needing work and high end needing mabey new brake pads lol figuratively (also depends on year) I am the same height as you and weight, I ride a 2003 yz103supermini ( yz85 lots of mods) I put round 4k+ into makin this thing a monster but now I run into the problem of lack of stability on long straights,  hill climbs and other minor things that take more thinking than a bigger bike with bigger wheel base and weight, personalh I recommend a 125cc make of your choice I prefer yz their bullet proof but you'll wish you bought a bigger bike than a 85

In saying what I have about my bike that is after I,

(Wrench rabbit hot-rods X wisco 52.50 big bore and head work, 

vforce3 reeds 

hinson full clutch system, 

professionally jetted 

airbox expansion , swap for oem on muddy days and just down

SRS forks with adjusted stock rear shock (couldnt find anything at the time of building but their are options)

big wheel kit on pro-wheel rims 

mx33s on front and back 

extended rear swingarm 

13 front sprocket 50 in the back 

pro tapper bars 

fmf fatty pipe and shorty silencer for the tap) ) 

well I hope ya read this it took me a while but good luck man!!! lmk if you need some help on somethin else !

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Hey Joshua - happy to hear you want to get into the sport! You're plenty tall enough for a full size bike. A 125 two stroke is ideal. But in today's market, you'll need to spend $2k + on the bike alone if you want something ridable. You'll also need $$ for maintenance items, (oil/filters/chain/sprockets/levers/clutch...) And proper riding gear. Would be best to enjoy your buddy's bike and find a deal in the fall/winter. Will be real hard finding a good buy this time of season. Good luck!

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