Jardine exhaust

Has anyone riden an 04 450 with a jardine exhaust? what did you think of it. i'm looking at getting one but knowone in Australia seems to have even heard of jardine. what other exhausts pump out as much power as a jardine for the same price or less? Cheers!

I have one (just the slip on) on my 03' and love it. And it was cheap! Big improvement over stock throughout the powerband.


Don't Even Think Twice. Buy One And Hang On!

High Compression

Yz450 Jardine

did you guys have to re-jet for the jardine system? i'm going to post this in a couple other exhaust theads as there is about 5 of them on the front page right now so i'll never remember which one i was asking in.

I run the RT-4 full system on my 03 that thing rips. Awesome system and awesome customer support. I broke the baffle in it afater running it for a year and they gave me a whole new muffler when i sent it back. Even though it was my own fault for not repacking it like i should have. I run 168 main and 42 pilot in nor cal.

I replied in the "which exhaust for an 03 450" thread. I love my Jardine.

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