I crashed out on Father's Day

I crashed out on Father's Day. I am not a father, nor married, and live alone, so I have a very difficult few months ahead of me. I broke the Ulna in my left forearm, which will probably be plated, and the calcaneous (heel) in my right foot, which may need surgery also. I can't use crutches, so mobility will be a big problem. I sure would appreciate it if any of you SoCal riders could help me with bike stuff, food shopping, etc.

I plan to sell my '02 YZ250F and CRF450R, cheap.

Typing with one finger sucks!!!

Bummer Scott! I'm sorry to hear about the crashage. If I were close, I'd help you out when I could. I've been there so I know, I broke both elbows at the same time.

Hang in there...


Darnit, not again!!!

You are hard core.

If you want to practice the one handed typing (been there), tell us what happened. Lesee, left arm and right heel….

Came up short on the big triple?

I feel your pain Scott F. I had a hell of a time typing with 2 broken arms! Good Luck in your recovery.


Where in SoCal are you?

I do not know what your financial situation is but don’t sell your bikes. You will regret it afterwards. Bones will heal, they always do. I hope it all works out for you but don’t sell the bikes.



Thanks Merf and Garrett.

Pif, I do want to sell my bikes, and will get an '03 later if so inclined.

Ron, I am in Anaheim, near the stadium.

Hick, I came up short on an easy step up double with a steep second face, got kicked up into endo position, hit following whoops, then flew off track, ragdoll style. It was like crashing twice. I may have broken the bones by casing out on the first impact.


I am in Orange, CA...let me know what you need since I think I am just minutes from you. I'll help you.

Scott, sorry to hear about your crash. Hope you recover soon and with no lasting problems!

Scott F, sorry to hear about your crash. I am a little far away to assist, but I hope all broken bones heal well. Man, you & Steve R sure have had some bad luck lately........take care.


Sorry to hear this.

How long does something like this take to heal? Can you walk on the left leg or is it too painful?


Sorry I'm too far away to help but hope you have a quick and complete recovery. That's tough, keep your head up.

Well Scott I feel ya brother. I also went down on father's day and completely tore the MCL in my knee and possibly the ACL and PCL. They can't tell yet how bad the ACL and PCL due to the swelling. It looks like someone shoved a softball inside my knee. luckily I have my wife here to do some of the work for me. I even had her out mowing the lawn yesterday.. hee hee hee

Scott, I live in Yorba Linda and work in Newport for now. If ya need some help, I'll try to lend ya a hand. My problem is available time. I leave the house at about 8:15 and dont get home till after 7 sometimes, but I'll try. I make the wife understand, if ya really, really need it. PM me. Its attached to my email.

I really think it's best to surround yourself with shapely bikini clad women, dipping grapes into your mouth while the others cool your injured body by fanning large palm leaves.

Makes for an "appropriate" recovery.

Any updates?

I'll update you guys in case Scott doesn't get online.I met up with ScottF last night since I only live about 5 minutes away from him. I'll be helping him move some stuff around his apartment to make it easier to get around.

He's due for surgery tomorrow (Friday) at 5:30am. He seems in pretty good shape considering his injuries, but he broke himself up good!

Thumpsalad, if you need more help let me know.

Thanks Guys. Surgery is Friday. Sold YZF today. Still can't type!

After his crash on Sunday, Scott called the house (we have known each other for years). I was not home since I was having fathers day breakfast with my son. My lovely wife met him by the freeway and got him to the house. She unloaded his bike and gear for him (she is a GREAT woman!!) and stowed it in our garage. She offered to drive him to the hospital but he drove himself to the hospital.

I talked to Scott and he said he wanted to sell the bikes because he would not be riding before the 03's came out. I washed his bike for him and took his bike and gear to him yesterday (Thursday). He was scheduled for surgery this morning (Friday) to have the arm plated. He is hoping it will be an outpatient thing or just one night in the hospital. He said they were not going to do surgery on his foot and put it into a cast.

That is the latest.


I got the Ulna plated on Friday, and spent the night with Phil at ProRide.com. I drove home Saturday morning. Sunday, Todd from TT (thumpsalad) came over and got my new computer dialed in. Thanks Guys!!!

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