I crashed out on Father's Day

Scott - how are things going?

Scott I saw your post, YZF sold and I thought, say it aint so, then I looked at your list of scoots, you through motorcycles the way I went through girlfriend in the 80's! :)

Dave, I put a front fender on my CRF today (highlight). I am trying to fight the boredom and resist the pain candy.

Shawn, I wish I had as many new girlfriends as new bikes, and that they were as easy to get and easy to get rid of!

Pain candy can sometimes be a good thing. I just wish I had an extra stash of it when I was married to my ex-wife!!!

Hope you are doing well. I talked to Mitch a couple days ago and he wants to hook up with us and some of the other old gangsters. It sounds like he is doing well and is anxious to see all of us again.


Let me know Ernie. And thanks again for storing my CRF, saving it from wildfire, washing it nice and clean, and delivering it. I know you wanted to get it out of your "blue" garage asap! :)

A guy called me on it today, but I am now hesitant to sell it until I have a line on an '03. Who knows, I may be riding in six weeks or so, and I would hate to be without a ride for a couple of months.


There is nothing that will prolong your recovery more than empty garage.

Proceed with caution.



That is a tough decision you'll have to make. I'm jealous....six weeks for a broken arm???? At our age, it takes me that long to recover from roost bruises!!!

I'll keep you updated on Mitch and the plans. He is very happy to be back in So Cal and being able to see some of us again.


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A little optimism (or self delusion) never hurt anybody! :) I went to the gym this morning for the first time in many months and did a little something. I plan to go regularly until I can ride again. Parts of me will be in better shape than before I got hurt, or so I tell myself...

Remind me to give you back the crutch I borrowed.


Been reading through and just tracking the posts here, Real sorry your get off was that bad, real glad guys like ShawnMC, YZernie and others are there to help you out.

Thats what this community is all about, it goes beyond advise and funney pun's and pokes, its guys like that who are the real TT.

Anyway I can speak from experiance, working out gettig back into shape will help termendously, just follow the advice of your PT Phys Therapist or find a good Sports minded. Sorry ya gave up on riding I did the same 10 + years back after my 1st back surgury. I waited awhile until that butterfly feeling came back telling me its time to get back on the saddle.

Take your time get healthy, all will be good

And my Hats off to the SoCal Bro's who are helping you out :)


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