YZ450 Trail mods

My buddy has a YZF450. He will be doing 85% trail riding with it. I figure he needs to drop the gearing right off the bat... Any gearing recommendations or other mods to make it a better trail bike?

Thanks! I dont want to see him at the hospital (again).

im doing the same with my 426. two words -

auto clutch :thumbsup:

-10-oz flywheel weight

-z-start (don't forget something to relocate the hot start too)

-13/50 gearing

-gyt-r/cycra pro bend hand guards (the big Al ones) w/mounts for the triple tree.

-flatland racing skid plate (best I have used)

-flatland rad guards (3rd bike I've had the same pair on and I cannot kill them!)

-zipty racing fuel screw

Thats what I have (well 60% of it anyways, the rest is just there to make me look like I know what I'm doing :thumbsup: ) and it has fared me well.

Good luck :awww:

Go for a power now or make your own. It will help with low end. Auto clutches are very nice too! :thumbsup:

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