Wheels same on 250f and 426f?

Are the wheels interchangable from a 01 yz250f and a 01 yz426f? They look pretty much the same, but wanted to ask the experts to see for sure.


I think they are the same, except the 250f comes with cheaper D.I.D rims.

The fronts are the same but the rim is a little wider in the rear on the 426. You can still mount a 250/open class size tire on the 250F rim though ...


Yes, I routinely switch complete wheels between the two bikes. Axles, rotors, everything is the same. I never noticed about the 426 rim being wider, hmmmmmmmmmm...........!!! Maniac :)

normally the rear on a 125 size bike is 1.85 wide but a 250 and up would be a 2.15

Wouldnt it work... Yes

I wouldnt try mounting a YZ85 tire on a 250F/426 though :)

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