Price for 2000 YZ 426?

I might end up selling my 2000 YZ426. It has less than 200 miles on it. I would put it back all stock and sell all my tons of aftermarket stuff separatly. My question is, how much is an immaculate YZ going for these days? Is $4200 unreasonable or is $3500 more like it? With the 450 coming out who knows what ther market will be like.

Roostn in Denver

2000 YZ426F

1996 XR400

2002 BMW R1100S

Check your local Cycle Trader for the same bike for an idea of a price for it. Try to sell it before the 2003's come out.

I bought an 01 426 with an extra oversize gas tank and some extra new parts including chain, sprockets, radiator shrouds, and 3 new oil filters back in April for $4000. It had 10 hours on it. Knowing what I know about the 2000's with the supposed weak clutches and lack of titanium valves and the new 450 coming out in August combined with the economy in the tank, I would think you would be lucky to sell it for $3500. Not to be discouraging just realistic. I mean jees, my friend just bought a brand new 02 for $4999 out the door. They have lost their value and unless you must sell it for personal reasons, I would keep it if you plan to remain in the sport.

Just sold a 2000 426 for $3200.00, had about 10-15 hours on it...not a scratch. It depends if you want to sell it quickly or not.

try 3800 :)

And to think I bought this bike becasue it holds its value! Technology moves quicker than compounding interest, that's for sure. Thanks fellas.


This year it is. A 1998 would have been the best bike so far to hold value because with the exception of 26ccs, they really did not change the bike from 1998 to 2000. The 01s with titanium valves kind of started things over.

Another way to look at it is at least you did not just buy a new 02 regardless of the price you paid. That thing was worth $1000 less the minute you put it in your truck.

Good luck with the sale.

Roostn67, I just sold mine in the denver area for $4000. I did have quite a few extras. Depending on the condition, I'd say you could get anywhere between $3500 and $4300.

Just put it in the back of your truck with a sign on it... I got 4 phone calls from people seeing it in the truck, more than I did from the Post.

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