can you rev. to high?

I have a WR450 2004. I was wondering if you can over rev this bike. :thumbsup: has a rev-limiter built into the cdi.

sweet thanks that makes my day :thumbsup::awww:

Is that the same for the 03 model?

Is that the same for the 03 model?


sweet, I have been worried that i have been reving to high. but now don't need to worry as much cause i haven't felt it kick in yet.

what sort of RPM's would we be doing when it starts to work :thumbsup:

i think for the 250f, the rev limiter kicks in at 13500rpm

for the 400/426/450f, the rev limiter kincks in at 12500rpm

The rev limiter on the YZF4xx is set closer to 11,000 rpm , it's a bit lower on the WR models.

Keep in mind this is an electronic rev limiter not a mechanical one. Point being if you downshift under load near the rev limit the force of the rear wheel can mechanically drive the engine well past the normal rev limit. This is a common problem with 125 riders who jump on four-strokes, and is the cause of a lot valve issues.

As long as you use your head these bikes are pretty bulletproof. :thumbsup:

My manual says 12.500rpms for WR-450 2003

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