Aussie Muffler

G'day everyone, ive read a lot about taking out the but plug on the muffler to allow the engine to breathe better, my question is, (to any aussies out there) my muffler seems to be welded in and pot-rivited, it dosnt seem as though i can take anything out?? does anyone know what im talking about?? ill take some pics soon to show ya.

cheers - Brett :thumbsup::awww:

i know what you are refering to cos the mufflers on the WRF in Singapore are the same. What I do is I get the muffler of the YZFs and bolt them onto my WRF. It fits the header and everything nicely.

Another alternative is to buy the U.S. model WRF stock pipe. It comes with a removable baffle. Its a heavy pipe though (as heavy as your stock pipe thus shipping it to OZ ill be very expensive)



I just bought a YZ pipe for my WR426 as the DSP is way too loud. It'll let you know how it goes


hmm, so the yzf pipe is exactly the same as the wrf except the baffle has been removed??

hamish when you say dsp? whats that?

here are some pics, i hope they work. by the way do i have a e-series s-bend or promeg, by lookin at the pics? i have 12 discs (took them off for cleaning) im not sure it came when i bought the bike

Notice the hole burnt through the indicator :thumbsup:

do u think i could possibly cut the end off with a hacksaw and fix it that way???





your e series is a pro-meg (s bend comes with detachable mid pipe)

if you use a hack saw to remove the end of your stock pipe, you would still need to remove the restrictor in the middle of the pipe... and then add a core (and packing)

If you ask me, its too much work. Get a YZ pipe off Thumpertalk (it will cost you not more then USD$40)


Pm Me your e-mails and I will send you pics and a decription of what I did to the Euro/Canadian muffler. Not tooo loud and alot more throttle response and power. WR Dave. :thumbsup:

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