where do you get a Helmet cam

I notice some people have helmet cams and they seem cool. How much do they cost and do they just mount to you helmet or do I have to buy I new one. :thumbsup:


I got mine from helmetcam.com. Had it for years and don't remember how much I paid. Works great, but it's just a lens and you have to have a camcorder (thats what is expensive). It mounts using velcro and is waterproof. Good luck and enjoy!

Those are freakin kewl.....but 500$ :thumbsup:


What resolution is yours, 380 or 480? I've been looking at that site because they look super tough and mount in the side of the helmet.

I'd NEVER buy one that mounts on the top of my helmet. That thing would be gone in the 1st mile where I ride :thumbsup:. My helmet has scrape marks front to back on top.


Whatever type you get, don't mount it on the top!

I mounted mine under the visor with no vision impairment . . . didn't want it ripped off by a branch or something!

The resolution is GREAT on my cam and it looks really good on playback on the computer and on our big TV.

Make sure you've got plenty of hard-disk space though if you plan to keep all your video's on the computer.

I normally download them to the computer, do any necessary editting or adding of text/titles and the write it out to a VHS tape. Work's wonderfully!!

I've seen my camera on Dirt Rider Adventures, in their magazine, and at the GNCC races with their helmet cam footage . . .

We use a Sony TRV-38 as our recorder . . . the whole setup was a little less than $1,000!

I went to helmetcam.com and am very happy with the set up. Split it with another guy and we share it. If you can find someone you trust to do this with it makes it way more affordable.

What resolution are you running? The reason I ask is it's $209 for 380 and $309 for 480 and I'd like to get away as cheap as possible.

I was contemplating using a laptop and a webcam. Put the latop in a backpack, duct tape the webcam to your handle bars or helmet, set it on record and go. Only problem is that if you bail on your laptop you're screwed.

I don't know the resolution but will look when I get home and re-reply. Hell if I get brave enough I may try to link an example... :thumbsup:

Check this out. Pricy but it stores the info on a 20 gig drive.

Skull Camz

John. I am gonna grab Keiths video camera tonight and do some editing of helmet cam footage this weekend. Maybe monday I can send a tape your way.

We went with the 380. We are both happy and just couldn't see spending the money for the higher resolution. We also spent the money on a remote and are really happy we did!!!

Also keep in mind that an hour of video may consume as much as 12GB of disk space!!!

Thanks Don. My buddies want to watch some footage from Drummond Island.

Endurodog, I'm probably going to go with the 380 as well due to cost and the possibility of destroying it while riding/crashing :thumbsup:. I just wanted to make sure the resolution was decent with the 380 before I buy one. I'd still like to hook up with you down at Rampart or anywhere else sometime this summer.

one. I'd still like to hook up with you down at Rampart or anywhere else sometime this summer.

That would be kewl. I have off on Tue, every other Wed, and Thursday. If you got one of those days off we can make it happen.

here is a sample of a 480 resolution camera from helmetcam.com. mind you I had to reduce quality some so I could upload video to web. I like the quality of the camera on my computer and even better on the big screen TV.


Most all setups use the exact same camera, it's a sony CCD setup. I do NOT like the setup that actionsportcam.com sells, I would have ripped it off and broke it 5 times over by now.

The 480 line is 640x480 resolution, that's the one I went with, from the footage I've seen from both, I dont think you'll notice the difference, unless you record in high quality, and encode to DVD in high quality, and watch it on a big plasma highdef tv. If you encode the DVD in normal or low quality you get more time on the dvd, but you can tell a difference, too losssy for my taste.

I just purchased mine, 300 $ for helmetcameras setup (I like thier camera protection/mount the best), the camera is in an aluminum sleave, you cannot break it, you could rip the cord out the back, but anybody handy can fix that, I've gone threw woods where I close my eye's and duck, and it's held up fine.

300 $ for a canon mini DV camera, doesnt have lanc but it will do everything else, including pass threw from vcr to computer for converting vcr tapes to dvd. Only a few cameras use LANC now. I strap a fanny pack to the front of my chest protector for the camera, and a camelback to the back of the protector to ballance out the weight.

I record in LP (90 min per tape) and encode everything to DVD in high quality. Once you edit out parkinglot footage I get 2 tapes per dvd.

For the web, you have to drop the quality quite a bit.

Couple samples from mine, divx format



and a wmv file (too lossy for my taste, divx looks best with motion)


PS, once you decide on hardware, there's still software!

I tried everything short of comercial 10k software

I settled on Ulead dvd movie studio 3 for dvd creation, works well, does motion menues, dont have to have a phd to use it.

and for video, I use ulead movie studio 7, it's ok, does the basics, not quite as strong as I would like, but the adobe stuff is WAY too hard for me, just takes too much time to learn it. I want point & click with options.

I don't have any of those days off but I'll plan to take one so we can ride. I'd just need a maybe a weeks notice.

I'm going to get the 380 here from Helmet Camera's website. Everyone I've talked to says it's very sturdy. I also bought one of the Canon VR60 cam corders without the LANC.

Did anyone buy their fanny pack for the camera?

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