where do you get a Helmet cam

Did anyone buy their fanny pack for the camera?

I did, it's a cheapy, not worth much if anything. The problem is it flops up and down when you jump. Ideal setup is a fanny pack made for going on a chest protector, so it's stable.

Way kewl on the ride stuff.

I carry mine in a backpack. One with the waist belt and all. I put a towel in there with the camera and a pocket on the outside holds my camelbak. This has seemed to work pretty good for me.

I carry mine in a camelback as well both on a chest protector and in a fanny pack, the camera is insulated in a small padded camera pack as well, I use a Lanc in my setup, it is really nice have one push button on/off, not having to tear into the pack every time I want to turn the camcorder on or off.

I have had pretty good luck with Windows Movie Maker for editing purposes, a very easy to use program, I also use Ulead Video Studio and DVD Workshop to put together DVD's


The best available!

I love mine!

The $200 setup from helmetcamera.com is superior in quality to the $500 actionsportscam setup.

Check this out. Pricy but it stores the info on a 20 gig drive.

Skull Camz

Most you'll ever get from it is a "304x224 @30 fps" video, though.

It's also a hard drive.. Not too great of an idea to throw it on a dirtbike and jiggle it around agressively.

I bought the 480 line Helmetcam and fanny pack too. The fannypack might be alright for candid camera walking on the beach but not for riding. I also wear a small backpack and have my DV camera stored in a shockproof, waterproof pelican case.

I originally bought the HC to shoot some watercross video. The helmetcam is waterproof but my vid cam isn't and I didn't want to loose it if I sunk. I also keep my batteries and spare tapes in case, and when I'm done filming, the HC goes in also to keep things together. The case was only around 30 bucks, cheap protection.

I also ordered the LANC button before I realized that it wouldn't work with my camera. If I had the choice, I would definitely buy a LANC compatible camera. It would save a lot of wasted tape and batteries on long rides. I still may swap my Panasonic for a LANC compatible unit.

I take mine on most rides now. You can grab low quality stills from your rides too that you wouldn't have caught with a still camera.





Nice case, too big for MX though, moose makes a chest protector pack, straps onto the front.

I wish I had LANC too, but the only cameras with it are more than I want to spend, I purchased an dc/ac converter from ratshack and lots of spare tapes instead.

If I land on my cannon DV80 it's only 300 $ destroyed, vs 600 for minidv with lanc

I too pad my fannypack with foam, hard case would be nice, but I havent had any problems with it so far.

That hard drive recorder is neat, but 720x480 high resolution vs the tiny format it records in, and divx/mpeg4 isnt too great with high motion.

What resolution are you running? The reason I ask is it's $209 for 380 and $309 for 480 and I'd like to get away as cheap as possible.

at helmetcamera.com ALL of the video samples were taken with 380

lines resolution with the exception of the fighter pilot footage.

I'm buying the 380 next week.

The only time you notice a differece, between the cameras, is if you set the camera to pull into the computer in raw, with no compression, and watch it in high rez, say 720x480 on a highdef tv.

If you enable compression, or set it to mpeg2 dvd format, any gain from the more expensive camera is lost.

Sweet pic in the water. I never thought about using a Pelican case. That one is huge. I think I have a real small one at work that would probably be good for my camcorder.

I was wondering what resolution they shot that in. Thanks for the info. 380 will work fine for my needs.

John, That bag that Keith had out to Utah has a padded pocket in it for the camcorder. It has a waiste strap on it so the bag is nice and snug on you. I think he got it at wallmart. It alst has a pocket for a drink bladder in it.

I think one of the larger sized camelback systems would work nicely. Whenever I wear my cameras I just put the camcorder in my rear fenderbag... :thumbsup: Tried the fanny pack thing, no fun standing, always worried is gonna snap and fall off.

I think any way you cut it, other than a steel safe with foam, a nasty get off can break anything...

Tried the fanny pack thing, no fun standing, always worried is gonna snap and fall off.

I had that happin, the stupid fanny pack kept coming un snapped.

Chest proector mount is the best I've found, on the front, so there's very little exposed wire, you can access the camera easily, and you can dismount without worry

yzman400: what is the bags original purpose? would like to investigate a different cam carrying method as well.

*what type of editing software is everyone using? I am currently using pinnacle studio dv and would like suggestions on more user friendly software that is easier to chop down a fews hours of footage at a time


I have one of the MSR front packs strapped to my chest protector right now. I use it to carry tools and power bars and balance out the Camelbak weight. Guess I'll have to find a new place for the tools. What about protection from flying rocks and debris? Did you pad it at all?

I'll make one of my buddies be my biatch and carry my extra crap if they want to be on video. :thumbsup:

yzman400: what is the bags original purpose? would like to investigate a different cam carrying method as well. :thumbsup:

That helmet cam setup is actually my buddies. But his bag is a backpack style hydration system. I believe he got it at wallmart. It has a padded pocket at the bottom of it that a camcorder fits perfect in. The padding is like 1/2" thk all around.

It has normal backpack sholder straps and I believe a waist strap. He wears it over his chest protector. It works pretty well cause it keeps the weight off the chest protector and onto your shoulders / body. It actually causes the chest protector to be tight against your back and the front of your protector is held away from your body a little bit. Works out nice. Keeps your chest protector away from your neck.

Well, I ordered a 380 line Xtreme kit today from www.helmetcamera.com

When I get it in, I'll take some video of me on my CBR to test it out before I head into the woods. I'll have to figure out how to post it on TT.

Thanks for all the suggestions. :thumbsup:

LOL make him carry the tools..

I use foam in mine, in front/below, and to both sides

Frostbite, is your front ski on your bike home brew or something you can buy? that water crossing looks kinda like fun, we have some shallow pools of water over at the coast that it would be perfect for.

The only time you notice a differece, between the cameras, is if you set the camera to pull into the computer in raw, with no compression, and watch it in high rez.

this is not totalty true. im getting the 480 ver becuase my cam records and imports in 720lines. when i make a vid i make 2 ver's. one large ver {high res compressed}. and one low res divx one to post. for this reason i think the 480 is worth the extra $$.

as for editing, you guys should try adobe premier. it has a seep learing curve, but once you learn it, it is by far the best i have see or used.

now, seeing as all of you guys have helmet cams why is no one posting any short or long vids?? :thumbsup::awww:

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