where do you get a Helmet cam

Me riled up? nope. no problems on this end.

I've had my P.O.V. cam for 4 years now. When I did my research back then, this place was a little more expensive but not like how it is today. The price of cheap cameras has dropped a lots in the last few years. But you do get what you pay for. Yep, builders do use the same components in a bunch of their cams. Line resoluton is what it's all about. When shopping you have to make sure you are comparing apples with apples.

Here's some thought's I've had about video from 2001

Got lots of time to kill? Check out the Adobe site


'00 in Calgary

All the cameras are actually overpriced

a 1/3" 640x480 (upsized to 720x480 for dvd) ccd is dirt cheap, heck there's a couple companes that make disposable digital cameras, pay 5 $ take your pics and take the camera back to the store

they only cost a few bucks

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