james stewart

i was just curious if anyone knew what color bubba stewart will be ridin next year.

I am pretty sure Kawasaki resigned him.

May happen soon not yet though, Green & Red are the front runners Blue is almost dead.


I read somewhere on the net that Bubba was test riding a KTM. And it was said that he will most probably riding red or orange... Didnt hear any news about green though


The latest Racer X magazine said that he will more and likely ride Kawasaki next year. They intervied Bubba and he said that he never talked to KTM about signing a contract.

Heard he was riding Green And he was moving up to a 4 stroke most likely. :thumbsup:

I heard from my grandma's cousins friends sister mom's boyfriends son that he was becoming an under water basket weaver. :thumbsup::lol: :lol: :lol::awww:

ya dont say.

it wont really matter what he rides cos hes gonna whoop everyone anyway. he could probably win on a postie bike

he should just ride his 125. in the last supercross he was posting times like a second faster than chad reed

I heard today that none of the big players are moving.


Chad= Blue

Ernie, KDUB,= Red

RC of course yellow

Nate dog may go orange with Josh Hansen

Orange :thumbsup:

RacerX has the following scoop: Andrew Short and Travis Preston going to factory Honda, and those guys probably aren't coming cheap. Nate Ramsey is going to KTM, and they probably aren't going to spend the money required to get Stewart, Suzuki is looking hard at Fonseca, which, when combined with what they are paying Ricky would tie them up financially. Reed is still up in the air, but it looks like he will stay at Yamaha, and Honda has enough money to do what they want. RacerX has reported that Kawasaki has said in the past that they will match any offer needed to keep Bubba, but Honda has deep pockets, and can probably afford Stewart. Atleast that's what the situation looks like to me.

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