carburator tuning

bike stalls when pulling in clutch and also fouling plugs all the time rider not aggressive enough need different tuning help please !!!!! :)

The best bet for good carb suggestions will be in searching this forum, there are butt loads of posts regarding foul plugs, jetting etc.. And I think alot of guys are tired of talkin about it (no offense) I did some research in past posts and found all I needed to know regarding the 426 carb. :)

Not enough info. Also, make an attempt at punctuation and spelling. OK?

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Thanks for the grammar tips!!!

Long live the 4-Stroke, Down with the 2-Smoke!!!

have you made any exhuast mods, or tried moving your jet 1 clip to see if there is any differance in performance you could also mess with your pilot screw with the bike running this would be the easiest fix

Sounds like your idle is too low - that happened to me alot until I set up the idle . Turn the black knob by the red hot start button until the idle comes up a little bit .

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