I unplugged my throttle position sensor!!

I went to a 47 tooth rear sprocket, left the tps alone -- works well, power is still there just a bit more tractable

Sorry guys...I'm not with you on unplugging anything. Why get rid of "the hit"...isn't that what you need to clear a double out of a tight corner, or around the first turn? Instead of slowing the bike down, work on riding faster. The only change I'd make, or have made is a 47 tooth rear. If everybody hates "the hit" buy a CRF.

Sorry to go the other, but I like the gnarly pull.


Have you tried unplugging it? I don't believe I've "slowed the bike down" even a little bit. I've just made the bike pull more steadily. The gnarly pull, hit, or whatever you want to call it is kind of fun, and because it makes you feel like the bike is gonna be snatched out of your hands it "feels" like it has more power when the TPS is hooked up.

Isn't it worth a try? It only takes a few seconds to unplug, and you can plug it right back in if you don't like it. I though I liked the "hit" also, and didn't want to get rid of it. I was wrong. I think unplugging it has made it easier for me to "work on riding faster".

BTW, I havent noticed any increased popping on decel or any other negative effects.


It's cool for people to try different things. I am always working on my suspension and jetting and whatever else I can. I just don't find the hit to be something I need to mute. Like I said, try a 47 rear and enjoy. That does mellow things out.


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