WR Pipe on a YZ

I need to know if anybody has ever tried to put a WR pipe on a 04 YZ450F? If so, what year WR pipe and how did it fit? Or is something else I can put on it to make it sound like a stock WR? I know this sounds stupid, but I need to know. I have a 2000 WR400 pipe available to me. Thanks.

pipes changed for 03/04 models. Doesnt mean you cant make it fit, but it wont just bolt up.

why is it that you want your yz to sound like a wr?

My neighbors are complaining about the noise. I am just going to use the WR pipe when I am riding on my property. My neighbors agreed they would buy me a quieter pipe so I figured I will go and buy a FMF Factory 4 exaust with the money they are going to give me for the quiet exaust and just use the WR exaust for riding on my land.

I just got through putting my '04 stock WR exhaust on my friends '99 WR400 so I know it will fit the earlier years. I also have put a stock '03 YZ exhaust on my '04 WR. Given all of this I would expect that the older WR exhaust would fit. You will need to put a shorter bolt in where the exhaust bolts on by the seat. If your planning on running the stock baffle the bike will run very poorly with it and will most likely require leaner jetting. I run the GYT insert on my 426 dual sport and it is a much better compromise between noise and performance (<96db). I hear the PMB insert is good as well.

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