Clarke tank hardware question


I have the 3.3 Clarke tank on my bike. The tank came with a new gasket for the extra petcock on the kickstarter side (petcock not included). However, it didn't come with any o-rings for the stock petcock. You should be able to use the stocker. As far as the hardwear under the tank, you will have to use what is on yours.

Now.... lets talk about how the tank will fit your blue beast. I hope that your mounting nuts for the "tank mount" brackets are located in the "STOCK" location. When I tried to attach the mounts, the holes didn't line up with the nuts (aprox 1/4" misalignement). You will also need to raise the back of the tank so it will not rub against the top of the rear shock reservoir. I used an extra piece of rubber from a tube I had to get the gap needed to make the clearance.

Not wanting to put up with all this extra work to install my tank I contacted Clarke with all these short commings. There reply... "We know about all that. Put up with it or buy a different tank". CLICK. They hung up on me.

Sirthump... lots of luck with your tank. Let me know if I can help ya out any futher. :)

I just ordered the Clarke stock tank, I hope it gets here before next weekend. :) I do have a question; I assume it comes without the petcock, did you guys have to buy any new gasgets or o-rings when you moved the petcock to the new tank, or could you reuse the old ones? Also do you have to move the metal brackets under the tank from the stock tank to the new tank?

I got the clarke replacement tank, and it was identical to the factory piece. 3 minute swap. It came with a gasket for the petcock instead of the o ring set up the stock one uses, but that was the only difference.

Im happy with mine.

Same here. Thumbs up all the way on the fit and finish.

I guess some of us get lucky and some of us dont.

I had real (and I mean BIG) problems with getting the IMS tank on mine.

Im glad I didnt have problems with the Clarke tank because I have heard that their CS is horrid. But I am very happy with mine.

I had no problems with my Clarke tank or with a friend's who had to get one when he saw mine. It fit just like the stock tank.

You shouldn't have to buy anything extra. I used the gasket that came with the tank to mount the petcock. (Unless you want to install a second petcock on the right side of the tank, but I don't think it's necessary.)

Hey Rich, do you get over to Bithlo(Orange County Raceway) much?? I'm over in Melbourne and know a few people over that way that ride too.

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