450 or 250 ?

I currently am riding a yz 125 and am selling it for an '03 model. but i can't decide if i want a 450f or a 250f. I am a mid-pack novice rider and weigh 175 pounds. My current 125 just doesn't have the power that i want, and it takes way to much work to go fast. Does the 250f really have that much more power than a 125, or should i go for the new 450?


If you want more power, go for the 450(yz that is). These 4 strokes are so much easier to ride than 2 smokes that they trick you into thinking that they are slower(at least me anyways).

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Dude, this is tough because you are right on the cusp, a little past a 250f but not quite there on the 426.

My advice, go with the 426, the 250 might suit you a little better now but you will outgrow it and wished you bought the real bike, the 426.

ride them both befor you decide. with a little work (exhaust, ignition, etc) the 250f can compete with a stock, or close to stock, 250 2 stroke. If your a 125 rider and enjoy the handeling of a 125, go for the 250f. it will be alot easier for you to get used to. If your up for the challange, then go for the 250f's big bro. the 450f will be a sweet bike, and i ahve one on hold myself.

oooh, thats low...

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