Any one know if??????

A rear wheel from a 94 yz250 will mount up to my 99WR400. I'm looking for a spare complete rear wheel. I know it's a 19" wheel, but would the rotor, sprocket, etc. line up right. What would I need to make it fit?

Any help appreciated.

Awe, someone must have an opinion on this....

I don't believe it will... the 98 WR was the last year the 94 YZ would fit.


I would have to see this to believe it. I have a hard time believing that the swingarm has changed that much from 98 to 99 and up. I know the sprockets are different, but that's because the hub they use on the 98 is not the same as on the 99. BUT, if you are replacing ALL of that, then the only things that should matter is the axle diameter and span of swingarm for the axle (using the correct spacers). Anyone have any other ideas??

That's kind of what I was thinking. (axle diameter and spacers). Also didn't think that the swingarm had changed that much. Again, I'm looking to mix and match parts. I would use a complete wheel from an older yz. Thought someone might have been down this road before.

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