Broke my e-series

I'm not exactly sure how it happened but I think it was from casing a double. The 2" pipe that is welded to the larger 5" canister broke in a complete circle. The clamp that is towards the engine may have vibrated loose making the bolt a pivot area and the impact of the jump may have caused stress on the least that is what i'm telling myself .

anyone experience anything like this?

Has anyone put a spark arrester on their stock pipe (promoto billit)? was it easy to do? did ya like it?

Yes the PMB endcap is great. Easy to do, looks great, cheap(compared to other options) and no loss of performance. The 4 stroke king Dubach always said that the stock pipe was the best for these bikes, until he came out with one of course. Do it, you will like it. Plus you can buy the quiet core insert to help with the some of the more sound conscious areas or you are riding in the mud, it will help keep the power from being so explosive.

By a Thunder Alley. You wont believe your on the same bike.

I broke my e-series on my '98 400 in the same place. It has probably been cracked for a while. The vibration and any small fall over crashed contribute. That end of the pipe was just a stamping on my bike. I took it to work and had a welder to TIG the stamping back to the socket. Any good weld shop near you should be able to do it pretty cheap. I had mine welded inside and out. It is much stronger now.

I have an extra Pro-meg (E-series ) with a spark arrestor laying around ( after I purchased my thunder alley pipe ) . $150 :)

do you have to rejet with the e series? if not, let me know.

WB says you do not need to rejet with the silencer.

Not Yamaha related, but i have a CCM (Rotax) supermotard, and the eSeries silencer self destructed in the same location...

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