anyone wraped their head pipe in exhaust wrap

I'm considering wraping my head pipe in exhaust wrap to lower the temp down there, and I think it will keep my gas from getting hot :thumbsup:has anyone done this :thumbsup:

I have heard a few things here and there, but the main thing I heard of was the header wrap traps moisture in and next to your head pipe which can lead to corrosion/rusting problems. Probably not a problem if you have SS or Ti pipe though...

I've done it for years on my 1998 YZ400F with no problems. I did it to try and drop the coolant temp on tight single-track. I have a Ti Powerbomb and its discolored (with the wrap removed) but I figured that I could replace the header after a few years if it damages it, but so far no issues.

It helps a lot. My engine temp drop down 7-8C deg. No problem with SS header (2002 wr426)

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