Going to Meet Tim Ferry tonight

Tim Ferry is in Winnipeg, Manitoba tonight and I think I am going to see him for a few minutes. We got his autograph at Millville in 2003 and want to give him our good wishes in 2004. He was sweet doing the uphill triple at Millville last year. Only RC and KW did it every lap. :thumbsup:

Boy, Sorry I think he is already married......

:thumbsup: Just kidding

Did ya aks him about some go fast motor tricks that only a factory guy might know? Or just for his hand :thumbsup: sorry I couldn't help myself. Was he cool or was he to busy to except your proposal....na I'll stop really but did he tell ya anything good?

Tell him thanks again for wearing the MOTOMAN393 stickers last year. We all wish him well!

You ought to consider becoming a comedian...you'd do great at it, except for not being funny! Hey...something for you to work on...My kids got to meet him in Millville and were looking forward to seeing him again. He's a role model for a couple young Yamaha racers and a good one too! You might want to consider getting a role model.


You might want to consider getting a role model.


Sorry if I upset you. I sometimes forget how sensitive some people can be. I didn't realize my kidding could have hurt you. My role model and fan club president days are long gone but thanks for the sugestion. :thumbsup:

Tim Ferry is one of the coolest Yamaha factory Riders.

I meet him on the Secret Yamaha Test track in Corona, as well as Danny Smith..

I hope he wins the battle with his wrist injury.

Tim Ferry is one of my all time favs! I can not say anough good about the guy. I sure missed him in the Super X at SLC this year.

Tim Ferry for President... :thumbsup:

The guy who was bringing him up here, said he couldn't get it done. But, I do agree with you guys...Timmy is awesome. I've only seen him ride at Millville 2003.


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