time for new clutch

Hey there, just a question about my 1999 YZ400 clutch, its time to replace, mostly i ride harescrambles and enduros, never even tried the track, ive got alot of mods on the YZ for woods riding.......what suggestions for clutch kits? brands? material? etc ....

Hey Tammie, I've had good luck with factory clutches. I have a 99 WR and ride year round and have only replaced the fiber plates 2ce. My clutch just started slipping again last weekend so I have another set on the way.

Make sure to check the fingers on the clutch basket for notches worn into it by the tabs on the fiber plates. I started shattering fiber plates due to them hanging up in the notches in my basket. I filed the notches to smooth them out a bit and haven't had the problem in the past 2 years. I still had the original springs so I ordered a fresh set since they were probably getting weak.

Are you still running the original clutch? If it's lasted you this long I'd stick with the OEM. :awww::thumbsup:

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