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YZ250FX 2020 YZ250FX suspension

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 The problem integrating MX tracks into harescrambles is that the course is too long for you to memorize the relatively short track section, like less than one mile of MX track on a seven mile plus course.  May take a couple laps, and before that its like "is that the double or the table?"  I did just that and cased the 2nd top of a small double thinking I would get over most of the table.  Also they can use pieces of the tracks, on/off/back on, even in different directions, so no continuity.   Roll what your not sure of or confident in and make time in the woods.  If possible,  do an open MX practice day at the track to get the feel and flow down.   This helped us a lot.

Also you don't have to race people not in your class, don't get tangled up on the track with some wild kid in the C class, let them go and pass them in the woods, usually wadded up in the next tight section!

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