01 YZ426 Fork Seal Blower !

I am really glad I found you guys ! I have an 01 426, I am 200 lbs, pro rider "mostly" but not racing anymore - This is a new bike for me but I keep blowing fork seals - I am even keeping it on the ground most of the time. Does anyone else have problems with this ??

i have a 01 too but i dont seem to be having the problems you are.What kind of oil level are you running?do you keep the forks compressed for any length of time such as with tie down straps going to the track?Its also good to let the air out before and after every ride.Myabe your bushings could be shot as well,too much movement will accelerate wear as well.well hope this helps,its an idea where to start anyhow,good luck :thumbsup:

I had an 01 wr426 that kept blowing seals. After my second set I ordered some Seal Savers and never had a problem again. I now use them on my yz450 and have never blown a seal. Everyone I know who uses them likes them. Simple idea but seems to work. Btw. I'm about your size, 190lbs, and usually ride past my stock suspension's limits(i.e. hard bottoming)

Blowing them out or just leaking a bit? I sometimes take a thin laminated card and swipe out dirt from under the seal. It could just be dirt that gets lodged up in there. Also keep the legs clean after your ride or in between motos helps too. :thumbsup:

Last time I was blowing seals on my '01 426, I examined the fork tubes and found a small nick that was slicing the seals. A little sandpaper and scotchbrite later, the seals are still fine.


replace the dust wipers when you do the next set of seals. If dirt gets past the wipers, they are going to the seals next.

Also pack between the wipers and seal with white lithium grease.

I was having trouble blowing the seal on the right side only(seems everyone I ride blows the right oneon the yamahas, not sure why though). Anyway I changed it a couple of times. Last time I changed the fork seal I bought a fork kit from rockymountainmc.com. It comes with the seel, dust seal, retainer washer, and new bushings. I have about five rides with no problem since. Also make sure you set the oil level right. I have my level about 80 mm from the top with the spring guide down in the fork(that is at the high end of the scale). Let me know if you have any questions. Have a great day. :thumbsup:

Thank you all for taking the time to reply - really appreciate.....!!

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