Has anyone taken a YZ 450 Trany apart

Has anyone had a yz450 trany apart I need to know if there is an extra hole in the case for the 3rd fork shaft the 4 speed only has two shaft's But 5 speed use's 3 shafts I want to change my 4 speeder into a 5 speed i don't want to take it apart just to look inside to see if there's an extra hole :thumbsup:

I tore a 450 down a while back but for some reason i recall there being two extra holes for the third shift fork. Iam not for sure.

the WR450f 5 speed tranny and shift forks/drum will swap right out into the yz450f case.

Thats what i want to do WR 450 trany it! :awww: 472 kit going in there too since its apart :thumbsup: Im going to sell the hole 4 sd gear box still shifts like new just the 4 sd sucks in the woods :lol:

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