just buying YZ450...

well i am just about to buy a YZ450 from a dealer... couldnt find any good 03s or 04s in my area Macomb MI

well what am i supposed to do once i buy the thing other than break it in correctly

i have heard that there are many bolts that should be tightened down or checked??

any mods i should do right from the factory before i start riding?

any imput is good imput!

thank you for the help

ALL of the bolts should be checked. I trust no one.

The chain and the bars are trash. Do yourself a favor and get a DID x ring chain, and a good set of bars. You could also run a thick bead of silicone under the chain slider to keep it from wearing the swingarm as it rubs against it. If you still feel energetic, you could grease the steering head and swingarm linkage...they sometimes don't come with much grease from the factory.

i changed the pilot jet. i went from a 42 to a 45 cause it was too lean. i also bought the ty davis air/fuel screw. it comes with an adjuster so you dont have to use a screw driver to adjust it. i would also buy a flywheel weight because when you get into low rpms in first gear the bike will tend to stall out.

Flywheel weight will also smooth out chugging power a bit. Supposedly Yamaha has treated this problem a little on the '04 model years. The stock shock spring rate is set for a 190lb. rider. I'd check rider and static bike sag first thing to be sure. Enjoy your bad-A___ bike man.

Another good choice for the chain is the Regina Gold o-ring chain. This is the chain that Renthal buys with their name on the link plates and charges an extra $15 for. I've worn out 3 Sunstar sprockets (in about the time I expected it to take) with the same Regina chain and when I checked it on the new sprocket, it still wasn't stretched.

In spite of what a lot of guys say, you don't have to buy an upper clamp to get a good set of bars on the bike. I use the Tag Metals X5 and it's very tough. There's a lot of other good 7/8" bars still out there, too.

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