bad head

has anyone broke an exhaust valve before and what do you think caused it ? Possibly is someone wanting to get rid of a head ? When my valve broke it screwed up my valve bucket guide.

I broke ex valves. It also shattered the valve buckets, and the cams drove the bucket parts into the soft aluminum head. It took a while, but I finally found someone here on TT selling a used head. I believe nine was caused by overrev when I missed shifts during a race. I also found a bent shift fork (cause of missed shifts).

Floating exhaust valves is what causes contact between valves and heads. The intakes dont get smacked because they are closed when the piston comes up, but the exhaust valve is hanging open, and when floating because of over rev or weak springs, some times gets tagged and tagged good. If your a racer that has a deep relationship with your rev limiter, ya know Im talkin about, the kind of relationship with lots and lots of contact, you should change out your valve springs at least once a season, maybe twice depending on how much you race.

As a moderator............... I have to say this title caught my eye :):D

Bill :D

What do you mean by floating?

The speed at which the valves are traveling allows them to lose contact with the cam momentarily. So therefore it is referred to as float.

Valve float is what happens when the valve springs are not able to close the valves hard or fast enough, and with the exhaust valves, they are open when the piston comes back up and wham - a collision at about 25m per second or 90kmh... not sure of the mass of the piston, but that is a lot of force...

As for a having a bad head, well, don't drink so much the night before... :):D


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When I broke the valve I was doing a wheelie up a hill at Pismo , so I think it could have just been a weak spring . Luckily it did not happen earlier when I was jumping a 90 foot double or I could have been on my head . On that same double I overjumped and broke my Shoei on my bars and pushed my goggles up and scraped up my foreherad . You know what they say , go big , crash big !

Quote: Bill As a moderator............... I have to say this title caught my eye


I was gonna add.... is there such a thing?

Bill; A little serendipity your way came?


I don't think so but I keep on looking.



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thats like saying ''BAD RIDE''

OH,,,errrrr,,,,, hang on,,,,,,,,,

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