Turning the WR450F Dual Sport

I was thinking of making my bike a dual sport but It dosn't have a key and I really don't want to leave a bike in some paking lot for some puke to steal. :awww::thumbsup:

Over here in osstraylya we buy em fully regoed with lights and all the road gear inc a key switch. Almost everyone swaps theres over to the american style pushbutton (comes in spares kit) so there should be a few floating around. I would imagine that your dealer (bike dealer that is) could probly chase one up for you. If not a heap of em should be getting around ebay etc.

Funny thing is that the stock key switches I have seen have only two wires which, when cut and shorted together start the bike real fast. With that in mind, just get a big ugly key switch and just mount it, but don't wire it. The "pukes" usually aren't too bright.

could also just use a disc brake lock, just remember it is there when you take off :thumbsup:

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