Hey carb guys, what's this jet????

I'm making my bike not foul plugs anymore and there is a jet in there that we (me and the local Yamaha dealership) can't seem to figure out what it is. All the descriptions in the manual and microfische call it a "jet" pretty descriptive, eh?

Well anyways, its pretty small and the number on it is 72

Anyone know what jet that is?? :)

after about 50 minutes of searching this site, i found its a "starter jet"...now if i go by the name, does that mean it throws fuel in it when starting?


That should be the choke jet.

I wouldnt think youd need to mess with a choke jet.

You may just need a larger Pilot air jet.

i just wanted to know what it was

I believe it is part of the choke circuit.

A "starter jet" could also be the idle or low speed circuit.

Is the jet in the float bowl or in the back side of the carb near the carb float?

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