Excel Wheelsets

Yeah that is with the adapters.So all i would need to do is bolt on my rotors right.

I know a place that will sell you brand new Excel wheels , hubs , spokes , nipples sprocket/rotor , new Dunlop tires ( everything Complete for $800 ) Let me know if anyone is interested . :)

Anyone have the excel rims with their hubs and adapters?If so how do you like them?How is the quality compared to the talons?Do you think they would be worth $700 complete with tires and bulldog spokes.



At 700 bucks your getting a deal.

Check your pricing, and make sure that includes your adapters for sprockets and brakes.

Ive got a tallon hub on my CR500. Very very nice.

Sheesh, I wish I woulda known about that place before. I ride at Elsinore MX park about twice a month. I drive right freakin past the place. I'll have to stop in there.

Thanks for the tip!

Well i bought the wheels!!Looks pretty sweet with the back rims.Anyone know who sells plastic kits cheap? :)

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