Anyone know were I can buy aftermarket graphics and plastic? Yamaha wants $160 for tank and shroud graphic. :) Dan

My son has a 02 TTR90 and I just went through replacing the graphics and plastic. For plastics you are forced to buy from your yamaha dealer, no after market company makes it. For graphics/seat cover there is N-Style, you are forced to buy both, or Fast50s. Front/rear plastics ran me $78.00 OTD and the N-Style grphic kit cost $118.00 OTD. BTW the backgounds for the plastics are not included and run close to the same price as the plastics.

For performance parts check out

I just purchased the N-Style Graphics for my Sons 2001 TTR90 , They are very nice . The Tank Graphics are very durable . 10 times the durability of the stock graphics . I also like the gripper seat cover that comes with it . Very easy to install if you have a staple gun .I also added a FMF powercore pipe/silencer to it. It really sounds like a thumper now . a big difference in the flow of exhaust also . ( bigger outlet ) . I will post a picture if you want to see what they look like in real life . :)

rvanliere, I would love to see what the graphics look like! I just bought a very used 2000 ttr90. It came with the FMF pipe which is very nice. The plastic is whipped out and there are no more graphics on the bike. I need to buy some new parts to freshin the bike up for the first ride - any suggestions on where to buy parts for a good price? Thanks Dan

I will get it cleaned up and take a snap of it for Ya . I dont know on the plastics though ( I'm guessing the dealer . It took a long time to come out with graphics for this bike . My kid ran through the biggest mud hole at the track on Sunday so I will get it cleaned and post the pic. Back in about 15 minutes

rvanliere, YOU ARE THE BOMB!! :) I just sat down with my two kids and showed them the picture that you sent us from accross the contry! TOO COOL ! BTW the bike looks great! :D Its hard to believe our bike can look that good - the kid that we bought it from must have dragged his bike everywhere - the plastic is trashed, sides,tops and bottoms. Anything I should know about these 90s? Valve adj. or anything else? Thanks Dan

Rvanlier, that is one TRICK lookin' ttr. RAD!!!!!!!! :)

Hey I'm glad Ya enjoyed the picture . the only thing I can think of is change the oil , clean and oil the filter and enjoy the heck out of it . These bikes are bulletproof . I doubt you would have to ever do anyting to the bike while your kids are young enough to ride it . I have never had to kick it over 2 times since I bought it. Its the best investment I have ever made . Something I can do with My son ( Just us two ) . I have a daughter that might try to ride it sometime soon . Also have a son that is 1 1/2 and will grow into it . I doubt I will ever have any repairs to do other than flat tires .This bike was stolen from my garage last fall . I was about to go insane . Turned out being a runaway 15 year old who took it . I called the cops , they knew who took it becouse he was seen riding it but got away. I went down to the local hangout for teens and asked the right questions . Finally I found out who was helping the kid hide out and threatened him with the cops and ended up getting a phone call from the kid who took it . After verifying that the bike was where he hid it . I called the cops with the caller ID number on my phone and he was arrested within 10 minutes . I came to find out that the kid had weapons and drugs on him . Hope he gets some help . Anyways what I was leading up to is , the kid had ran this bike threw cornfields and down railroad tracks and deep weeds . the sprockets and chain was wrapped up with weeds and cornstocks . I couldnt even push the bike . I was mortified . spent about two hours cleaning it up and went to start it ( boom ) first kick . Runs perfect to this day . I am so lucky I didnt wait for the cops to investigate , ( I would still be looking for it ) . I have a feeling the plastic isnt that expensive . The rear fender and side number plates are one whole piece and the front fender isnt that big . Good luck with everything and my advise is get a fmf pipe . Its sounds soooo cool . Really dresses things up too !! :):D

Originally posted by dp400:

Anyone know were I can buy aftermarket graphics and plastic? Yamaha wants $160 for tank and shroud graphic. :) Dan

I'm assuming that you guys may not know that TT now has a TTR forum? We do! It was added about a week ago. Cheers!


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