Fried CDI????

I recently posted a topic on the problems I was having starting my YZ400 a few days ago. Well, after more failed attempts I conceeded to the local Yamaha dealer. They spent two hours fooling around with the bike and finally told me the CDI is dead. At $207, I wanted to run this past you guys to see if they are just screwing with me or not. Is this something that can go dead without any warning? I ran the bike for the last 3 weeks without any signs of problems. I let the bike sit for a week and when I tried to start it again, the CDI is dead! Anyone know how to test it once I get it back from the deraler to make sure it's really dead? I hate to be untrusting but I just have a hard time believing this. It's probably due to the sticker shock. Also, $60 per hour for labor seems pretty high. The Audi mechanics charge that much! What are other shops charging for labor?

Thanks guys!

Erik :)

You can use the search engine in this forum for similar CDI prices other guys have had to buy in the past.

As far as labor my local shop is at $50 an hour. :)

$60 per hour for labor is not uncommon. The dealers around here usually charge about $50.

As far as the CDI goes, that has been a problem for other people before. It can cause the bike to run horribly, even causing bikes to foul plug after plug. So it is a legitimate problem on some bikes, but before you plop down the 200 big ones, you may want to just swap a CDI with someone that you know has a good one for a ride or two and see if that works. If your bike runs better, then you found your culprit.

Thanks again for the help...this will at least let me sleep better tonight. After reading the old post regarding CDI units going bad, I feel like I'm not the only one out there with this problem.

Thanks again!



I have a used CDI for sale. This is from a 2002 426, probably has about 10 hours on it. Turns out this wasn't the problem on my bike. Now I happen to have a spare that I will probably never use. Will sell cheap if your interested. I promise it works and can show you the receipt from the one i purchased about 6 weeks ago. You interested?

E-mail me at: regarding the used CDI.



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