More Eco Terrorism

bbeakely, I would love to ride somewhere that its legal to. The problem is the only one is on the other side of the state. This is the only place i can get to since i cant get my license 'till next year. My stepfather dosent ride that much (no time + my 2 yr old brother + bad wrists) so he usually has to drop me off somewhere. The only place its easy to get to are those trails since they are .25 miles up the road. All i do is run laps around the reservoir. I'm not partying, swimming in the res, or causing trouble like everyone else. All i do is ride and work on my lap times.

Let me add to what one of the bros said. Do not kill anyone. I've did this crap before, it messes you up inside man. I know these bozos are sick, but don't catch thir bug. yeah I still own guns for home protection. Do a real sneak climb a tree

get them on film put them in prison. Don't mess up your own life. it's a long road back. oldasdirt :):D

Uh, yeah, shooting one of those scumbags is definately not the answer. However, do you think the slimy little POS is gonna thing twice when they're looking down the barrel of a Glock to pull that crap again? I think not. What are they going to listen to, a stern talking- to? They are endangering peoples LIVES, and they probably go home, get high and laugh about it. When THEIR life is on the line, it makes them think, with whatever limited cranial capacity they might have. Seriously, what WOULD be a deterent?? I like the Glock 21, BTW, .45's are sweet guns.

i wasn't planning on shooting them. Just kicking some ass and "thanking" them for f'in up my bike. :)

Take a camera and get the license plate for that truck and call the poliece and/or FBI. After 9/11 you have some terrorism laws on your side and I would think that you should get some action quickly. A video camera would be really good. Keep a copy of all pictures/videos for yourself. If you're bored then maybe have a camp out one night with the camera. Just be careful, they obviously don't care about other peoples lives and IMHO you will not win if you have a physical confrontation with them. You may win the fight, but you won't do any good for the war. I wish you luck, I know what it's like to have all of your riding areas closed and it sucks...

Good idea, i think ill camp out next time i get a chance or ill do some late night hiking. btw, in my opinion i think i could win a physical confrotaion. All of my friends will be going with me and i may be small but i have a reputation for being a physco if someone pisses me off. Click Here

New2twowheels, Do you think they give a rats A$$ about killing one of us? Nope, givin the opportunity, they'd walk around town with our skins on like coats. So while you may not agree with killing them, I am forced to fight the fight. They are the ones that drew first blood in this territorial fight. They are the ones that are trying to draw real blood in this quest for control. They do not follow the laws, and the law makers are no better than the combatants we trial against.

We all should print the earth first handbook and use it in thier front yards.

I like the Glock idea, but, unfortunately, because of socialist Nazis in office, it is illegaly most places to have a firearm on your person in parks and public places. Here, you can have it out in the open only. I don't know what condition, but I'd assume mag out/ chamber empty. Check to see what's legal and what ain't. The camera idea is great, but make sure it can't be seen, and stolen. The license # would be effective, and following 9/11, they would be hung out to dry. And yes, it's true, these animals would love to see every human dead and fertilizing the earth. This is the madness we're up against.

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