Hinson Clutch Basket

I'm looking at buying a Hinson Clutch Basket, but they ain't cheap down here in OZ. If anyone has had any good or bad experiences with them pls reply


I used full Hinson setup on my 400 & 426, but not on my 450. Worked awsome. Got rid of the surging I was getting on the starting gate from the stock basket. Now I use a magura hydraulic clutch. My clutch lasts alot longer now with it constantly self adjusting. Had the 450 a year now, and have not found any need for the Hinson setup. Not sure if it's because I put the juice clutch on the day I got it or a superior design. Either way you will be happy with the product, but not the dent in your wallet.



i have the full hinson - basket, hub, pressure plate - and i love it. Extremely smooth ... pricey, but a night and day difference from the stock setup on my '03.

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