Switch Hitter !?!

A good buddy of mine just bought a YZ426f and I told him that I would get on here and get some opinions. He has nearly no use of his right hand, so we're putting a "Z-start" clutch on it and we want to switch the brake and gas to the left side. He can hang on with his right hand, he just can't work a brake of clutch with his fingers. In other words, all we want on the right side is a grip. Anybody know of any companies that make conversion kits or would I just need to swap sides and turn stuff upside down? Anyone that could chime in with any ideas, I would greatly appreciate it. Thanks guys. Rekless :thumbsup::awww:

If the throttle is the same as on my -03 YZ450, there should be no problem switching that over.

I would say swap the hardware around, that will tell you right away what will and won't work. When I think about the throttle, I think you might have to swap the cables on the carb side, because they will only go into the throttle grip assembly one way. That said, be VERY CAREFUL when you switch them and make sure they still line up correctly. If they don't line up, they will rub and eventually fray and break. Also I hope both cables are the same length.... anyone know for sure?

Also the master cylinder for the brake will be upside down if you swap sides, and that won't be any good. But I am sure there is a solution somewhere (maybe a small hydrolic clutch master cylinder?), you can't be the first person to have done this so search the web and ask around. Wish I had more answers for you, good luck and let us know how you do!

On the front brake master cylinder,you could use a clutch master (KTM) .You might have to have a special hose made.

I have no idea how to do this, but would it be possible to link the front brake to the rear brake pedal?

I imagine riding with one good hand. It seams the left hand would be very busy. It would be great to step on the rear brake and activate the front as well.

I dont think the throttle will be that hard to figure out. What do you guys think about the possibility of using a master cylinder from a automatic quad with the rear brake on the left side. I think the old honda foreman's were like this? Rekless :thumbsup:

On the front brake master cylinder,you could use a clutch master (KTM).

I think the clutch master cylinders have plastic stuff in the that can not take the same kind of abuse as brake cylinders. Also, the o-rings and whatnot might not like brake fluid as the clutches uses mineral oil.


the front brake cable is going to stick up pretty high if you switch it over and may cause problems. the attachment to the rear brake was an interesting idea. you could probably do it but, you would need a bigger reservoir and add a porportioning valve. if you go this route put up a post to let us know how it turned out.

We finished this hole project today and what a cool setup for somebody that needs everything on the other side. If anybody knows anyone in this dilemma, let me or toastedfingers know and I can take photos. We ended up just putting the brake upside down and so far, it works AWESOME!! No telling how long it'll work before it gets a little air in the line, but it seems to be the perfect fix for now!! Z-Start is SWEET too!! I might get one for my WR. Thanks for all the input!! rekless :thumbsup::devil::awww:

The inverted master cylinder won't hold up. Use one for a hydraulic clutch instead.

Back in the day, I knew a guy who had only his right arm. Two levers and the throttle all on the right side. He used to ride flat track and TT like this, and later on was infamous for doing wheelies on his custom Bonneville through dowtown San Diego past the MC dealer where he worked. People who want to bad enough can do what they want to.

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