Switch Hitter !?!

A good buddy of mine just bought a YZ426f and I told him that I would get on here and get some opinions. He has nearly no use of his right hand, so we're putting a "Z-start" clutch on it and we want to switch the brake and gas to the left side. He can hang on with his right hand, he just can't work a brake or clutch with his fingers. In other words, all we want on the right side is a grip. Anybody know of any companies that make conversion kits or would I just need to swap sides and turn stuff upside down? Anyone that could chime in with any ideas, I would greatly appreciate it. Thanks guys. Rekless :thumbsup::awww:

Wouldn't the guys from england have the throttle on the other side? LOL! Just kidding guys. I am just taking a shot here but the throttle may work the opposite way if the cables were switched, but I don't know how to flip the brake so the reservoir is upright. Good Luck with this mod. WR Dave :thumbsup:

I agree that the throttle would work opposite UNLESS you swapped the ends attached to the carb as well. Doing that should solve the problem. I just replaced the throttle cables on my bike and I don't recall anything forcing them to be on one way at the carb. Anyway, as far as the brake on the left, get a hydraulic clutch reservoir (made for the left side grip) and attach it to the brake system. Problem solved....

I would get a hydraulic clutch assembly off of a large street bike like a Ducati and use it for the front brakes. Loop the line to the right side like it would be normally and cable tie it to a bar bracket and then run it to the left side hydraulic lever (this gives the natural arc during suspension travel of the brake line). Switching the throttle cables should work at the throttle grip side. :thumbsup:

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