Where do you guys buy your Yamaha parts from. I just bought my kids Yamahas and my local dealer sucks. Thanks Dan

Im not shure how the prices compare, but you can buy all of the stock parts from

I have only bought from them once, but if i ever have to buy OEM Yamaha parts from anyone, I'd go with a place called Streit's. They advertised in the back of Motocross Action as a wholesaler, and man do they have good prices. I searched around for a rear hub and the lowest I could find anywhere was $110... Streit's had it for $70. And all the little nuts and bolts and washers I needed were like half the price of the cheapest I could find. Their number is 1-800-226-8012.

I am not in any way affiliated with Streit's, but I was pleased with their customer service and very pleased with their prices.

Hope this helps..

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