I'm gettin my YZ450!!!!!

:) I talked to the dealership today...I got the first one that is coming in here to OKC!!!! They said it will be in the first week of JULY...yeah you heard me right...JULY!!!! That's only 2 weeks away. I can't freakin wait! :D

thats what my boss said too...July is the scheduled date. But it most likely wont arrive until August, she said the motorcycles always arrive later than scheduled. I hope it waits til August because I still need some more money LOL. Just hope your frame # isnt 000000000001 LOL Later,


My local dealer just told me today that it would be mid-august or september, and i am only two hours away from OKC....this sucks!!!

Maybe you will be getting the "okie" version though.....LOL :)

I am third in line for my 450f.....can't wait

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