Woodruff key problem, Im confused

What exactly is the woodruff key, and how does it break, and what happens when it does? What should be done to fix this? Is there more than one fix for it? I am lokking at a 03 wr450 right now, and i read the posts on the problem and the fix, but im still confused.

better do not get 2003 model. AFAIK even with the latest fix there was still problems. Make a serch on the topic and you will find lots of info...

Actually if you upgrage to the '04 parts (~$250) the bike is reliable. I haven't heard of anyone with '04 parts have any problems.

What if it was allready shreded and fixed with loctite. You know the key shreading also demages the crank.

I will better get 426 than 2003 450... I guess I'm not the risky type :thumbsup:

If there were some way to tell if the key had ever shredded or not it would be great. An 03 that has never shredded and has been updated is a terrific bike. I'm sure there are a bunch of them out there. Tim

The loctite fix proved to not be a very reliable fix with many bikes failing after it was performed on them. The '04 parts are the sure cure.

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